Engine And Component Overhaul

An engine overhaul facility complements the maintenance facility at the Miyun Airport. Our approval covers all horizontally opposed and in-line piston engines. Superair will carry out overhauls and also bulk strip inspections and repairs.

We have a fuel flow test bench, which enables us to maintain Lycoming and Bendix injection gear as well as carburettor overhauls. Our approval also extends to cover magneto, starter and alternator overhauls.

The engine overhaul facility has full magnaflux capabilities and non-destructive testing facilities

The engine overhaul workshop manager Mr Fan, has over 20 years experience with engine and component maintenance, having worked in Anyang flight training school and from managing an engine overhaul facility in Miyun. Fan is also a licenced engineer and prides himself on doing the overhaul personally, thus ensuring the utmost in quality control

The knowledge and experience that Wayne has gained over the years has made him invaluable to the General Aviation fraternity being called upon by fellow engineers and CAAC to troubleshoot and diagnose defects around China.

The engine overhaul facility currently maintains engines and components from all states of China

Helicopter Overhaul

We offer a dedicated factory-trained licenced engineer for all-round technical advice to our remote clients and regional Robinson service centres when required.

H$R has full service network coverage with wholly owned facilities located in China.

H&R has long been regarded as the premier support centre for Robinson,  Bell and the wider range of helicopters in China.

Our long-term commitment as Robinson & Leonardo has not only been to ensure the immediate availability of quality new, and pre-owned helicopters but to ensure comprehensive product support long after the owner takes delivery.

H&R’s authorised Robinson service centres provide the very highest standard of aircraft engineering, technical & warranty support and spare parts back-up.

Speak with our engineering team to discuss H&R completing your aircraft overhaul.